Walking the Crooked Mile

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi there! Welcome to the Crooked Mile.

I'm Ginny Ritenour and I'm the big cheese around this place. Head honcho. Mommy to sweet, goofy Boy Wonder. Wife to MrRit. Here's my story:

My baby boy turned 6 this fall and started kindergarten, leaping on the bus and waving excitedly. The only tears were mine as I realized he was embarking on a journey that was all his own; that would belong to him alone. And then it hit me: where the heck did those 6 years of baby boy go? Or for that matter, 11 years of marriage to the fabulous MrRit? And while we're at it, 38 years of me?

Life feels like a steamtrain right now. Moving forward at lightning speed with only enough time left for the "big" details... wake up, work & school, soccer games, dinner on the table, homework done, bedtime, do it again. When you do take the time to look out the window, it's a cursory glance; a vague blur of scenery.

"Walking the Crooked Mile" is about changing that. Getting off the train at the next station and walking at a steady, intentional pace. Sometimes we'll walk slowly, sometimes we might break into a trot, but let us choose the pace. Let it be INTENTIONAL. See the small details. Revel in the everyday moments that get lost to the big picture. This is our journey; join me!


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